UNO Student Leadership Scholarships

Since 1983, the UNO Alumni Association has provided a Student Regent Leadership Award scholarship (now $3,000) to the student body president. In 2000, the association began issuing a scholarship ($1,500) to the student body vice president. To date, these scholarships have totaled nearly $90,000.



Nathan Hankenson, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement; Nate Ostdiek, 2023-2024 Student Body Vice President; and Hakim Lotoro, 2023-2024 Student Body President/Regent

Hakim Lotoro, 2023–2024 student body president and regent and Nate Ostdiek, 2023–2024 student body vice president were sworn into office as UNO's next student representatives on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Nathan Hankenson, assistant director of alumni engagement, presented the scholarships and congratulated the incoming student leadership team on behalf of the UNO Alumni Association.

Lotoro, a sophomore molecular biology and biomedical sciences major, will represent all UNO students on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. On campus, the President/Regent meets with administrators, staff and faculty in an effort to improve the student experience on campus. He will also serve as the official representative of the student body at various university functions and an ex-officio member of the UNO Alumni Association Board of Directors.

In his first address, Lotoro focused on the wealth of experience and opportunity that exists at UNO and his commitment to ensuring those opportunities are visible and accessible to all students.

“This is an office that you have to keep working toward. My team plans to accomplish a lot this year,” Lotoro said. “As your student body president, I am committed to being the support system for each and every one of you: not just members in this building, but all members of the entire student body.”

As vice president, Ostdiek will assist the president/regent in coordinating visits and special requests by students and makes all appointments to university-wide committees and to the student senate.

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  President/Regent Vice President     President/Regent Vice President
2023   Hakim Lotoro Nate Ostdiek   2002 Shay Riggs Joe Bilek
2022   Tori Sims Veronica Chapman   2001    Mallory Prucha Rashoi Crystalynn Billings
2021   Maeve Hemmer Amy Lopez Hernandez   2000    Will Marunda Frankie Coleman
2020   Jabin Moore Vanessa Chavez Jurado   1999    Jonathan Schrader  
2019   Aya Yousuf Jabin Moore   1999    Brandon Steenson  
2018   Renata Valquier Chavez Benji Fountain   1998    Joseph Sanchez III  
2017    Carlo Eby Hameidah Alsafwani   1997    Jason Winterboer  
2016    Patrick Davlin Emily Bradley   1996     Craig Richter  
2015    Brock Lewis Amanda Chapin   1995    Justin Peterson  
2014    Jordan Koch Adam MacKenzie   1994     Matt Schulz  
2013    Martha Spangler Benjamin Kaipust   1993    Jennifer Newhouse  
2012    Devin Bertelsen Shawn Addison   1992     Mike Farquhar  
2011    Liz O'Connor Bret Harrell   1991    Charles Valgora  
2010    Michael Crabb Gina Halbom   1990     Kelli Sears  
2009    Neal Bonacci Kevin Huddleston   1989     Paula Effle  
2008    Lucas Seiler Buey Ruet   1988     Joseph Kerrigan  
2007    Alexander Williams Mike White   1987    R.L. Kerrigan  
2006    Steve Massara VaShawn Smith   1986     Allison Brown Corson  
2005    Elizabeth Kraemer Lamarr Womble   1985     Mike DeBolt  
2004    Jonathan Croskey Kyle Gunn   1984    Guy Mockelman  
2003   Joe Bilek Kamina Jones   1983     Ray Mandery