Did you know UNO once was literally Omaha’s university? Starting in 1931, then-Omaha University was one of the few municipal universities in the country.

That changed when the university became UNO upon joining the University of Nebraska System in 1968. Yet UNO is part of the Big O like never before, as illustrated in this Big Map showing the ways the university is deeply ingrained throughout Omaha.

A helmet represents how student athletic trainers help diagnose and treat concussions among area high school athletes; a research station depicts where faculty monitor harmful chemical levels in the Elkhorn River; a tank shows why UNO is the best university for veterans in the country.

There are 70 points plotted, but we could have filled the map with hundreds more examples.

Click the image below get an up-close view of the map, originally published in the spring 2015 UNO Magazine. To get a printed copy, request one in an email to and we’ll send it your way while supplies last!