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UNO Magazine |   Fall 2011:  LIFE: All Ages. All Stages. 

Finding Your Future Self

How many years will you live — and how will you get there?

Psychological/Spiritual Self  |  Social Self  |  Physical Self  |  Environmental Self  |  Financial Self

By Kevin Warneke

Julie Masters’ childhood bedroom became a classroom. Her playmates became her students. A chalkboard and her View-Master became teaching tools.

Little did Masters know she was practicing “anticipatory socialization.” While pretending to be teaching school in a grown-up world, she actually was “rehearsing” for future 
positions, occupations and social relationships.

And her play became her profession — today Masters teaches and is chair of UNO’s gerontology department.

Children practice anticipatory socialization, Masters explains, whenever they pretend to be adults in the games they play. She wishes adults young and old would do the same, using anticipatory socialization to 
prepare for their later years.

“We need to take responsibility for when we age,” Masters says.

Masters calls the process “anticipating your future self,” and gives 
presentations about the components of the process: financial, spiritual, social, physical and environmental.

Her goal, through the presentations she gives, is to get people to think — and then act.

So she asks questions:

• What kind of home are you going to need?
• Will you exercise?
• Who is going to be in your life?
• Will you have enough money to live the life you want?

Simple questions, Masters says. But they don’t always come with easy answers.

Read more to see explorations of ways UNO faculty and staff are helping students and alumni anticipate their future selves:

Psychological/Spiritual Self  |  Social Self  |  Physical Self  |  Environmental Self  |  Financial Self

Each area includes helpful advice from Masters — “Masters Plan: What You Can Do” — and various related facets — "What We Know" and tips for "How UNO can help."

Find yourself today!

Living to 100
Want to live to 100? UNO Professor Julie Masters recommends using the “Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator” at

Answers to 40 questions help calculate a current life expectancy and generate advice pertaining to lifestyle choices.

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