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Getting ready to Swing away

The UNO Alumni Association continues to seek sponsors and golfers for its annual UNO Alumni Scholarshp Swing set for Monday, Sept. 8 at Tiburon Golf Club. The tournament has raised nearly $800,000 for student scholarships since 1995. To see how to join us, Read more.


Maverick Monument to 'Unleashed'

UNO's Maverick Monument was unleashed" Sunday, Aug. 24, during formal dedication ceremonies for the new mascot stuate. Hundreds of students, alumni, faculty and staff attended the event, following UNO's New Student Convcation.  See more.

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 This day in UNO History

Aug. 27, 1972
KVNO (FM 90.7) begins broadcasting at 5:30 p.m., playing Mikhail Glinka’s “Russian and Ludmilla Overture.”

Aug. 27, 1973
UNO holds induction ceremony for freshmen, featuring a speech by Chancellor Ron Roskens.

Aug. 27, 1976
Campus Security reports that money bag containing $53,342 in checks and cash was “lost or stolen” after last seen in a Fieldhouse file drawer, where he Cashiering department had been set up during registration week.

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