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   Alumni Association News & Events

Association debuts Alumni Night of Honor

The UNO Alumni Association introduced the UNO Alumni Night of Honor Oct. 9, celebrating achievements of the worldwide alumni network. That included induction of four alumni into the Athletics Hall of Fame and introduction of a Young Alumni Achievement Award. Read more.


Maverick Monument 'Unleashed'

UNO's Maverick Monument was unleashed" Sunday, Aug. 24, during formal dedication ceremonies for the new mascot stuate. Hundreds of students, alumni, faculty and staff attended the event, following UNO's New Student Convcation.  See more.

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 This day in UNO History

Nov. 21, 1955
Larry Means and his team of ROTC runners receive a turkey for their individual and team wins, respectively, in an intramural cross country meet.

Nov. 21, 1966
Gateway editor Bob Erxleben joins editor of Creighton student newspaper on new KBON Radio program, “Cool School,” an open-line show to discuss campus life and help students with homework problems.

Nov. 21, 1985
Mayor Mike Boyle addresses UNO Student Senate.

Nov. 21, 1991
Once-exiled South African journalist Dumisani Kumalo, who married Nelson Mandela’s sister-in-law, speaks to a UNO audience on multiculturalism.

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